How can I re-schedule an invoice I want to send?

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Follow the steps below to re-schedule an invoice.

1.To see what invoices are currently scheduled, click on Scheduled from the menu on the left located under Invoices.

You will then be shown a list of your scheduled invoices.

2. Click on the pencil for the invoices you wish to re-schedule.

3.You will be then see a popup with the option to change the email address where emails will be sent to. You can also adjust the time and date that the email will be sent. 

Please review this screen and click on Next if satisfied with the details.



5. The following screen will require you to choose the email template you wish to send your invoices with. Please choose a template from the Select Email Template drop-down.

Or click on next and choose to the edit the template. 

6. Make any changes to the template if required.

7. Once satisfed click on Next. You will be taken to the summary screen. 

8. Once satifised click on submit. 



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